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About Marcel Bartley

So, you've read the reviews and want to know more about this guy?

Once a hellion but now not so much, he has served his country honorably, is a devoted husband and father, volunteer, motivator, mentor, and sincerely enjoys helping folks. He is timely and responsive, knows people and homes and what they need and want. He can't leap a building in a single bound, but he does hold hands and guides clients through all the issues they face and knows when to give a firm push when it is needed. He is connected and knows how to open doors for clients to get them where they want to be.

He is well learned real estate wise, always expanding his knowledge base, and he has earned a litany of designations but prefers not to have an alphabet soup of pompous designations after his name.

He practices what he preaches, currently owns several properties, and manages much more for clients near and far. He does flips, condo conversions, lot splits, and more for clients and himself. He will tell you stories about his real estate adventures not to brag but to inspire and to show how it can be done at any age.

He works independently of assistants and staff. There is no one to hold him back, and there is no one needed to motivate him. He is loyal to his clients and very discreet; he will be 100% accountable to you even after your move.

He is full service and will eagerly help a young adult get into their first apartment as he is selling a helping a Rockstar purchase their waterfront estate. He is a coach, manager, player, participant, and spectator all in one, and when you connect with him, you will definitely want him on your real estate team!

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